The second transnational meeting of the EURspace Project was held in Didim, Turkey, from the 19th to 20th of May 2016.

In Turkey, the Project Partners discussed the methodological approach to adopt in order to implement a Pilot Project which aims to identify the common learning outcomes within the technical component of the Hotel and Restaurant Management Courses, among the countries of the partnership.

This Pilot Project will be implemented only for courses of Hotel and Restaurant Management Courses and will involve the following processes and tasks:

  • Description of the Learning Outcomes for the technological component of the curricula of each country;
  • Describing Knowledge, Skills and Competence in line with Learning Outcomes;
  • Matching – identification of common Learning Outcomes between the curricula of the countries;
  • Grouping Learning Outcomes into Nuclear Units;
  • Setting Performance Criteria;
  • Defining a Credit System for the allocation of credits to the learning outcomes and allocation of ECVET Points;
  • Conception of the Matching Matrices between the curricula of the countries.

Each partner organization presented the curriculum of the Hotel and Restaurant Management Courses offered by the School, the respective Professional Profiles and Career Opportunities. The training levels to involve in the Pilot Project were also identified, by reference to the European Qualifications Framework.