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Eesti People to People

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Journalism and library

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karberi 33-76







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Sending Organization, Intermediary Organization

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Ruta Pels

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About us

Eesti People to People is a non-profit organization registered in 1997 and with activities since 1993 as a chapter of People to People International (PTPI) NGO. The purpose of People to People aims to enhance international understanding and friendship through educational, cultural and humanitarian activities involving the exchange of ideas and experiences directly among peoples of different countries and diverse cultures. Eesti PTP is committed to enhance cross-cultural communication within each community, and across communities and nations. Tolerance and mutual understanding are central themes. Eesti People to People has more than 20 members and 100 volunteers. Eesti People to People is member of AKÜ (Arengukoostöö Ümarlaud – Estonian Roundtable for Development Cooperation). AKÜ’s main areas of work are Estonian and European development policy, global education. Eesti People to People coordinates Global Education Week in Estonia.

Eesti People to People is active as sending and hosting organisation and participated in many Youth in Action Programme projects in Estonia and abroad. Eesti PTP organised mainly training courses in gender, media, communication and European Citizenship and values.

Eesti People to People was partner in Grundtvig Partnership, Leonardo da Vinci Partnership, NordPlus and DAPHNE III projects. It is partner in EuropeAid and coordinator in Erasmus+ adult projects at the moment.

Eesti People to People staff members has Youth in Action Programme experience as trainers, projects coordinators and group leaders. They hosted six projects during last 3 years and took abroad more than 50 groups.

The main topics for staff members as trainers are media, communications, gender, European citizenship and values. All staff members have experience in Youth in Action Programme, EuropeAid, DAPHNE III, Grundtvig Partnership, Seniors, Workshops, Leonardo da Vinci Partnership and NordPlus projects as organisers, partners and participants.

There are professional journalist, educators and trainers among Eesti People to People key staff persons. They coordinated in Estonia Grundtvig Partnership project “Europe needs active seniors” (2008-2010),EuropeAid project “Enhancing policy coherence: making development work better” (2009-2012), Leonardo da Vinci Partnership project “Cultural treasure hunt” (2010-2012),Youth in Action  “EyoUth-Day” – comprehensive non-formal learning for the future’s European youth citizens” project (2011-2012), organised Youth in Action Programme trainings in Estonia “Gender and Media” (2011), “Young people as important actors in social media” (2013), “European Citizenship Education: Meanings, Understandings and Actions” (2013), evaluation meeting “Gender and media toward creativity and entrepreneurship” (2012) and “3C in youth work: Creative thinking – efficient Communication – active Citizenship”(2013) training course in Armenia, also youth exchange “Creative reading and writing – access for youth to global media” (2012), DAPHNE III project “Impact Of Relationship” (2012-2014) and EuropeAid project “Makutano Junction: a multi-media approach to effective development education” (2013-2015). At the moment they coordinate Erasmus+ KA1 mobility for adult project “Reading the city in adult” (2014-2015).


The key persons involved in this project will be :

Mrs.Ruta Pels: leader of NGO, trainer, professional journalist and translator, worked in the news agencies, newspapers, magazines, TV and radio. Has experience in project writing and implementing, participated in many project in Estonia and abroad. She is national coordinator for Global Education Week in Estonia from the North-South Center of the Council of Europe since 2000.

Mr.Pavel Smulski :youth worker, trainer, has master degree in art, communications and languages. Participated as project leader in Estonia and as youth groups leader for sending activities.