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Liceul Tehnologic Panait Istrati

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Engineering and related technologies

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str. Plantelor nr. 13





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Giorgiana Stoian

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European Projects Department

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About us

The Technological High school Panait Istrati is situated in Braila, a town on the Danube shore, in the South-East of Romania. It was established in 1971 and it educates students in the following domains: Auto Mechanics, Electric field and road transport. Our high school comprises 432 students aged 15 to 19 in day classes, and a number of 48 teaching staff, 8 auxiliary teaching staff, and also 12 non- teaching staff. We also have students in evening classes and post high school studies. Our high school has two buildings with 13 classrooms and laboratories: Physics, Chemistry, Mechatronics, 2 Computer labs, and 4 studies:  Measurements, Electrotechnics, Auto and Road transports.  Our students take driving lessons for free at school and then they can get their driving license after they pass the exam. Our school has also 2 buildings with workshops and a race track. The school’s library has 18 590 volumes. The school has a gym and a counselling room, too. The partnerships with the economic agents have always been at the base of the vocational and technical education organized in our school which is the only technological high school in the south- east of the country developing dual education. The vision of our high school is to revaluate traditions but also to be open to viable European models, ensuring both the forming of an autonomous and responsible personality in our young people, and the recognition of the qualifications and the acquired competences of our graduating students. The mission of our high school is to ensure, together with their families and the community, a high quality education, to form our students as future citizens, both active and creative, capable to integrate themselves socially, culturally and professionally, in a world that is in a continuous change.