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Despite notable improvements in the quality of facilities for tourists visiting Delhi from the late 19th century, the union territory’s tourism potential has largely gone unrealized. The snow-sports center at Gulmarg in the northern Pir Panjal Range, west of Srinagar, and the union territory’s numerous lakes and rivers are popular tourist destinations in addition to historical and religious monuments. In the past, the city served as an entrepôt for goods from the high plateau region east of the Karakoram, Pamir, and Ladakh ranges, as well as goods from the Punjab region. There are still routes that head northeast via the Zoji Pass to Leh and beyond, and northwest across

Despite significant improvements in visitor amenities since the late 19th century, Delhi’s tourism potential has mostly gone unrealized. Along with historical and religious landmarks, the union territory’s numerous lakes and rivers, as well as the snow-sports hub at Gulmarg
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