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How To Maintain Your Shark Apex Uplight Vacuum Cleaner

Deciding which vacuum to purchase is a nerve-racking process, but knowing how to lengthen the durability of your vacuum cleaner after buying is no less important. It is true that the Shark Uplight vacuum has a four-year warranty, but in order to keep it in good condition and last longer, you should also follow proper maintenance guides.

So you may ask – what is the standard maintenance procedure for the Shark Apex Uplight Duoclean vacuum cleaner? In this post, let me show you how to maintain Let’s go fellas!

Empty the dirt cup

There are three steps involved in the process of cleaning the dirt cup. First, you release the latch and pull up the dirt cup from the pod. Next, prepare a plastic bag or find a trash bin to get rid of the dirt inside the cup. To do that, hold the cup over a plastic bag or trash bin and then press the bottom latch to throw away all the dirt and dust. Finally, you just need to press the remaining top latch of the dust cup to remove built-up debris on the dust screen.

One thing to notice. You should turn off the power and unplug the vacuum while cleaning to prevent possible electric shock accidents.


Clean the filter

For the filter, it is recommended that you should clean the pre-motor filter every three months and the HEPA filter once a year. As for the pre-motor filter, after removing the dust cup, please take out the foam and felt filters to wash with water. While doing that, make sure to tap the filters to get rid of the built-up dirt on the surface of the filters. Regarding the HEPA filter, press the button under the grill to take it away from the Shark APEX UpLight Review: How Good Is This New Stick Vacuum. After that, remove and wash the HEPA filter with water. You shouldn’t use soap when cleaning both pre-motor and HEPA filters, or your vacuum cleaner might run into trouble.

Clean the brush roll

First, to pop up the brush roll garage lid, push up both sliders on the floor nozzle simultaneously. After that, use a scissor or your hand to remove string, hair clogs, or debris wrapped around the brush roll while cleaning. By doing this regularly, your Shark Apex Uplight Lift-away Duoclean will be less prone to problems such as stuck brush roll or overheating when operating.

Clean the soft roller

First, follow the same step as above, push up both sliders on the floor nozzle simultaneously to pop up the brush roll garage lid. The next step is to remove the soft roller from the nozzle by lifting it out with the pull tab on the right side. After doing that, clean loose debris by tapping it off the surface or wiping it with a dry towel. After getting rid of the loose debris, wash the soft roller under the water stream and let it dry completely for a day. Finally, assemble everything inside the vacuum cleaner properly.


Check the nozzles

It is important to check the nozzles for blockages regularly in order to prevent problems suck as suction power loss, overheating, motor dying out, or the worst – your vacuum cleaner stops working for life. To check the nozzles, tilt their neck back to straighten the airway. After that, you can take a look carefully inside the nozzles, and get rid of any possible blockages.

Final Words

The aforementioned is the ultimate guide to maintaining your Shark Apex Uplight Vacuum – The Perfect Vacuum for Single People. Remember to follow these steps regularly to keep your vacuum healthy and properly.


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